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P-51D Mustang (Frenesi) Source Maps
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Description: This archive contains the necessary multi-layer PSD texture files for the purpose of re-painting the Mesh Factory P-51D Mustang (Frenesi) to represent other squadrons and/or paint schemes.

Note that this archive may not contain every texture map included with the Mesh Factory P-51D Mustang (Frenesi) 3d model. Only texture maps that are essential in completing a full re-paint may be included.

The files included in this archive are intended to be used with the Mesh Factory Factory P-51D Mustang (Frenesi) 3D model only. Use of these PSD files with other 3d models is not recommended and not supported.

NOTE: Resale or public redistribution of the multi-layer texture files contained within this archive is not permitted.

Number of Files: 35
Map Format: PSD
Revision: 1
Last Updated: 11/11/2009

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