How your personal information is used:
Mesh Factory only collects personal information when the customer establishes an account within our online shopping cart. This information may include the customer's name, address, email address, phone number, FAX number, and IP address. This information is not, and will never be rented, sold or traded to any third party for any reason. Also, our customer database is accessed through secure, encrypted connections only. Upon request, personal information may, be made available to law enforcement agencies and bank representatives when fraud or other illegal activities with regard to purchasing from our website is suspected and/or being investigated.

Use of cookies:
Mesh Factory only uses online "cookies" as part of our standard shopping cart functions within our Online 3D Model Catalog. These cookies DO NOT track your activities online, but instead, simply allows our shopping cart software to keep track of the items you have selected for purchasing while you are browsing our catalog.

SPAM policy:
Mesh Factory does not send out unsolicited email of any kind. We respect our website visitors' privacy and do not wish to clutter anyone's email inbox with advertisements of any kind. We feel the only legitimate reason for any company to send out mass email advertisements is when the product that is being advertised is of such poor quality, that it cannot be marketed any other way successfully. We feel that this definitely does not describe Mesh Factory products.