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AA Alkaline Battery $15.00
AA Alkaline Battery
Standard AA size alkaline...
Added On:
Friday 23 June, 2017
AIM-9L Sidewinder Missile $39.00
AIM-9L Sidewinder Missile
Very detailed and accurate air-to-air IR missile for almost all US fighter aircraft from 1977 until shortly after...
Added On:
Monday 19 June, 2017
ACES II Ejection Seat F-16 Version $59.00
ACES II Ejection Seat F-16 Version
Very detailed and accurate model of the Advanced Concept Ejection Seat (ACES) version that is fitted in all F-16A/B/C/D...
Added On:
Saturday 17 June, 2017
Chalkboard $19.00
This is a very detailed, double-sided chalkboard with stand. The 3d model features separate parts for animating, plus a large, slate...
Added On:
Saturday 10 June, 2017
M998 HMMWV Cargo Type (US NATO) $129.00
M998 HMMWV Cargo Type (US NATO)
Extremely detailed US Cargo Carrier HMMWV in 3-color NATO camouflage. Includes separate tarp cover, frame, troop seats, doors, wheels,...
Added On:
Thursday 16 February, 2017
M998 HMMWV Cargo Type (Desert) $129.00
M998 HMMWV Cargo Type (Desert)
Extremely detailed early US Army Humvee in desert paint scheme. Features stock M998 parts throughout and early non-radial tires. Also...
Added On:
Thursday 16 February, 2017
Padlock (Combination) $19.00
Padlock (Combination)
Very detailed combination padlock with separate shackle and dial for easy...
Added On:
Wednesday 23 November, 2016
C-2A Greyhound (VRC-30) $119.00
C-2A Greyhound (VRC-30)
Detailed U.S. Navy C-2A COD aircraft with separate flight control surfaces, boarding ladder/door, cargo ramp, cargo doors, and prop for...
Added On:
Friday 09 September, 2016
B-29 Superfortress (Lucky Lady) $139.00
B-29 Superfortress (Lucky Lady)
This extremely detailed 3d model depicts a World War II era B-29-50-BW featuring full cockpit, detailed bomb bays, gunners section, and...
Added On:
Wednesday 27 July, 2016
B-29 Superfortress (Enola Gay) $139.00
B-29 Superfortress (Enola Gay)
Extremely detailed model depicting the 'Enola Gay' B-29 airframe as it appeared on August 6th, 1945. Features full cockpit, detailed bomb...
Added On:
Tuesday 21 June, 2016
Hubble Space Telescope $59.00
Hubble Space Telescope
Very detailed Hubble with separate lens cover, antennae, and solar arrays for animating. Includes detailed, realistic...
Added On:
Thursday 05 May, 2016
Meat Cleaver $19.00
Meat Cleaver
Very detailed meat clever with high resolution texture maps for close-up...
Added On:
Wednesday 06 April, 2016
Movie Theater $49.00
Movie Theater
Very detailed movie theater interior. Includes 548 seats, speakers, lights, curtains and exit...
Added On:
Friday 04 March, 2016
Train Bridge $45.00
Train Bridge
Detailed trestle-style train bridge with train track. Bridge structure and footers can be cloned and moved to create longer spans...
Added On:
Wednesday 24 February, 2016
Gazebo $29.00
Very detailed framework that can easily be de-constructed and re-constructed to show the parts break-down of the...
Added On:
Tuesday 16 February, 2016
B-17G Flying Fortress (Little Patches) $139.00
B-17G Flying Fortress (Little Patches)
Very detailed World War II era B-17G-25-BO featuring an early production airframe configuration and historically accurate markings. Model...
Added On:
Friday 12 February, 2016
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